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New York's Finest Goat Cheese

Should you switch to goat
dairy products?

Goat milk isn't just delicious, it's often a better choice for those with digestive problems and milk sensitivity because it's easier to digest. We sell both pasteurized and raw goat milk from our family's herd. Want to learn more? Bring your family along for an educational tour of our farm. You can even try milking a goat yourself.

Learn more about goat milk and goat cheese when you take a tour of Side Hill Acres Goat Farm.

Get ready to shop

If you're looking for natural, organic products that are produced locally, visit the farm store at Side Hill Acres Goat Farm. Stop in after your tour, or pay a visit just to shop. You'll find everything from unique novelty items, like glasses and stuffed toy goats, to gluten-free food and farm-fresh eggs.

What services can we provide for you?

Why choose products from a farm over national brands from the grocery store? Your family deserves quality dairy products produced with care. We handle every step of the cheese-making process at our farm, which involves:

  • Raising and caring for our 150+ goats
  • Milking the goats
  • Making the cheese

You can trust that our cheese is always homemade and all-natural. Visit us today to see the process for yourself at Side Hill Acres Goat Farm in Candor, New York.

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